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I was initially unsure if boxing was the right sport for me but after meeting Arsen and having spent several trainings with him I got right into boxing.

His level of professionalism was more than I expected, particularly in assisting me to determine not only the technique of punching and moving (or some would say “fighting with fists”) but also the whole philosophy and strategy behind it.

He taught me that boxing is very much a “mental” contest and that a good boxer needs to be a quick thinker as well as a quick puncher and mover.

As for his personality, Arsen is a highly intellectual person who is always interesting to talk to, who is always there for me as a friend, as a coach and as an open person ready to assist you in everything.

I became so much impressed by Arsen’s dedication and input that I signed up my son to attend his trainings too and never regretted my decision.

I feel proudly grateful to meet him.

Thank you very much, my Coach!


In todays times, self defence is not just a hobby or a leisure activity. It has become need of the hour.

Back in 2014, I was always self-conscious about the fact that I might not be able to defend myself if I got into an unfortunate situation in the streets. I needed a mentor, a coach who would train me to become stronger less vulnerable and confident.

Luckily I got to know Arsen who taught me discipline, dedication and respect. He also taught me how to fight.

It has been a while since we last met in the gym as we are in different countries right now.  However, the years of dedication that he put into coaching me made me feel that I’m missing some part of my life, so after sometime I began boxing again. My new coach saw potential in me and as much as I enjoy training with him it’s still not the same as it was with Arsen.

Arsen is still the most motivating, organised, analytic and classified boxer and coach that I am proud to be pupil of.

Thank you Arsen


Before meeting coach Arsen, I had the (wrong) opinion that boxing is about fighting.

After training with Arsen, I came to understand the depth of boxing.

He taught me not just to be in healthy shape, but to be a good athlete and good boxer.

Now I know boxing is like chess; it’s about being in shape and acting on precise timing.

I highly recommend taking classes with coach Arsen.

Just give it a try, you won’t regret it. Explore the boxer in you.


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