What ages do you train?

We work with anybody from age 12 and up.


How long is a training session?

Sessions are 1 hour but we can add more time, if you are interested – just let us know.


Where do we train?

We come to you and can train in your yard, at your office, or wherever is most convenient for you.


What is the price of a session?

A single 1 hour session is just $55.  And your first session is ONLY $30.  So why not give it a try?


Do you have any discounted packages available?

From time to time we run special promotions.  Please ask us about what is available.  You can see our full pricing schedule here.


If I purchase a discounted package can I share it?

Yes, you can share one or two sessions with friends and family members.  This is a great way to introduce them to Max Boxing and give them the gift of a stronger, healthier and happier body.


What should I wear?

In our training sessions you can wear:

  • Sports/running shoes with thin and flexible soles.  Boxing shoes are optional.
  • Sport shorts/pants
  • T-shirts, hoodies, vests – any comfortable clothing for active sports and fitness

What should I bring to my first boxing lesson?

Just yourself! We supply all equipment, and when you are ready, we can advise you on purchasing your own boxing gloves.

If you would like to buy other boxing equipment, your MAX Boxing Coach can advise you. Typical client purchases include:

  • Hand wraps
  • Boxing gloves
  • Jump rope
  • Yoga mat
  • Boxing shoes

What can I expect regarding my workouts?

All workouts are customized to focus appropriately related to age, condition, injuries, sporting experience and specific goals.

You can read about what to expect at our first boxing workout and regular workouts here.


Where can I buy equipment if I want to have my own gear?

We are working on a list of our top recommended suppliers to purchase boxing gear.  Please check back soon.


How do I make payments?

Currently, we accept payment through Venmo and checks.  Please contact us for the check payment information.


What is the cancellation policy?

We require 24-hour notice for the cancellation of any session appointment.  You can read the full Cancellation Policy here.

Arsen is an incredible boxing coach and I recommend him 100%! Arsen has a deep knowledge of the sport and does an amazing job of teaching and motivating me. He also has a fantastic attitude and patience, and I know that he cares about my development and fitness.

Arsen has listened closely to my goals and has helped me achieve boxing milestones much earlier than I expected. I feel blessed to have met such a talented coach.

Thank you Arsen!!

- I.S.

Arsen Hovhannisyan is a successful and remarkable boxer who has an excellent track record of training as well as communicating well with different trainees.

I have been trained by Arsen since I was 10 years old and because of him, I participated in a World Boxing Championship for 2 times as well as in European Boxing Championship for 4 times.

- A.B.

No Travel. No Gear. We Come to You.


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