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The Max Boxing Coach Difference

  • Maximum Convenience – We Come To You
  • Full Body Workout to Tone Every Area
  • Workouts Change to Adapt to YOU
  • Experienced, Certified USA Boxing Coaches
  • Workouts For Any Level From Recreational to Olympic Level

Do you love boxing or are thinking about trying this amazing sport?

You’re in the right place – we work with beginner to professional boxers. Head coach, Arsen, has trained numerous first-class boxers who have participated in the World and European Boxing Championships.

Here are just some of the many benefits:

  • Boxing combinations to develop sharp thinking and fast reaction time.
  • Boxing footwork to increase agility and speed.
  • Boxing techniques to boost feelings of calm and confidence.
  • Stretching, balance and muscle work for a healthy spine and supple muscles.

Your first session is just $30!


I have been a student of Arsen’s for one year. Not everyone likes to spar, but I do! At the end of one year, I am far more calm, controlled, and way more chill at age 61! One day, a bit of controlled sparring will be my birthday present! Until then, I am under his watchful eye!


Max Boxing‘s head coach Arsen Hovhannisyan is a decorated boxer with a passion and patience for his clients. His knowledge of boxing and fitness will have you looking at the sport in a whole new way. The variety of exercises physical and mental are challenging to all levels. Capable of getting you fight-ready or in better shape. Max Boxing provides a 10 out of 10 service.


It’s rare to train with an athlete who is top of their field. And at your home. Arsen’s sessions are varied, intense and push me in ways that feel perfectly tailored just for me. It’s the best decision I’ve made in 2021.


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